• Koala Player 2.6 XP
    Recommended DirectX 8a.
    Download Koala Player 2.6 XP ~1.8MB (25.06.2002)

  • Koala Film Player 2.5 Demo
    Recommended DirectX 8a.
    Download Koala Film Player 2.5 ~1.6MB (26.01.2002)
    Download Koala Film Player 2.5b ~1.6MB (28.03.2002)

  • Koala Film Player 2.0
    Recommended DirectX 8a.
    Download demo - KoalaFilmPlayer ~700kB (15.09.2001)
    Download full version - ~1,5MB (28.03.2002)

  • Koala Film Player 1.9
    Recommended DirectX 8a.
    Download demo - 471kB (17.05.2001)
    Download full version - KFP19Full.rar 471kB (28.03.2002)

    Language updates for KFP:
  • Koala Film Player 2.5 language file.
    Newest Koala Film Player language file (it can also be used in lowest versions of this player).
    Download 52kB (04.04.2002)

  • Codec DivX 5.02 final
    Download DivX502Bundle.exe ~3,2MB (24.01.2003)

  • Codec DivX 4.12 final
    Download DivX412Codec.exe 565kB (28.03.2002)

  • Codec DivX 3.11 alpha
    Download divx_311alpha.exe 569kB (28.03.2002)

  • P2P:
  • "Koala dc 0.4 alpha" (full version)
    Koala DC is a client for the Direct Connect protocol. Direct Connect allows you to share files over then internet (or intranet) without restrictions or limits.
    Main features of Koala DC:
    - client for Direct Connect protocol;
    - it works with DC, DC++ & other DC clients;
    - flexible GUI;
    - multi-hub connections - connect to more than one hub at a time;
    - added search page for every connected hub;
    - low level socket connections visibility (after socket connection showed user as "unknown", after handshaking - showed user nickname);
    - possibility to automatically start-up three Hubs;
    - ability to get small files (and userlists) without having to wait for a slot and without having to wait for larger queued files;
    - no banners;
    - no hidden additions, spywares, or anything like that.

    Improves in version 0.4:
    - fixed a bug with downloaded threads (some data packets lost while making new user connections);
    - fixed a bug with application hangs while making new user connections;
    - added Favorites page in Public Hub List window;
    - added toolbar with active Hubs and Private Message windows;
    - added minimize to tray.
    Download KoalaDC 0.4beta - ~0,55MB (09.05.2002)
    Download KoalaDC 0.3alpha - ~0,5MB (29.04.2002).

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