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Koala DC 0.4 - News !!!

9.05.2002 - Koala DC - Koala DC 0.4 - new version!!!
Improves in version 0.4: - fixed a bug with downloaded threads (some data packets lost while making new user connections);
- fixed a bug with application hangs while making new user connections;
- added Favorites page in Public Hub List window;
- added toolbar with active Hubs and Private Message windows;
- added minimize to tray.
Download file KoalaDC04.zip


29.04.2002 - Koala DC - New application!!!
Koala has released new application. Koala DC is a client for the Direct Connect protocol. Direct Connect allows you to share files over then internet (or intranet) without restrictions or limits.
Main features of Koala DC:
- client for Direct Connect protocol;
- it works with DC, DC++ & other DC clients;
- flexible GUI;
- multi-hub connections - connect to more than one hub at a time;
- added search page for every connected hub;
- low level socket connections visibility (after socket connection showed user as "unknown", after handshaking - showed user nickname);
- possibility to automatically start-up three Hubs;
- ability to get small files (and userlists) without having to wait for a slot and without having to wait for larger queued files;
- no banners;
- no hidden additions, spywares, or anything like that.
Please, visit download section for downloading.


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