Koala Film Studio 2 DV:

    Program Koala Film Studio 2 DV is next version of Koala Film Studio 1.1 It is especially designed for digital camera users.

    The Koala Film Studio 2 DV is complete software designed for nonlinear film edition with DV standard support. This program enables you to perform all three phases of video processing: capturing, edition and recording (previous version had only edition phase). The second version includes an additional two modules, which support digital DV format and control digital DV cameras.
    One of the most important parts of this software is Capture module.
    It allows capturing film from digital camera with automatic recognition of sound format change and saving different threads to different avi files (maximum size of one file is 2GB). During capturing user can see actual time from camera and amount of saved film (in MB). It is possible to indicate film length to save. Program automatically checks free space on the hard disk before capturing.

    Recording is very simple. Program offers preview for every single avi file on computer screen or on camera's display and then user can start recording film on camera's side.

    We would like to stress that program allows preparing CD version of captured film. You just have to drop captured film on a timeline window and generate film usign DivX codec, spliting output into destination size (650MB-800MB) files. Koala Film Studio 2 DV includes also film player software.

    Koala Film Studio 2 DV works perfectly under: Win98SE, Win 2000, Win XP.

    The Koala Film Studio 2 DV and Demo KFS 2DV can be ordered by filling out that form. Program will be deliverd by post or courier. Client covers delivery expenses.


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