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For some time now appear speech synthesis engines with natural tone. They are good enough to use it as a lector and read subtitles. That's why we decide to add new LECTOR module which allows you to use your favorite speech engine.

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Koala Player XP is windows application developed to offer you fast and high quality playback of movie files with subtitles.

Koala Player XP is based on DirectShow core. It is no based on Windows Media Player. In results it makes highly improved performance and visual quality. Since 1.8 release, it uses high quality subtitle engine. In R1.9 it results in improved subtitle engine. Since R2.0 it has new interface based on skin technology. Since R2.5 it has new base skin, playlist, 13 subtitle formats, 25 languages. R2.5 works on WinXP OS. R2.6 has new name. It has new subtitle intelligence engine & Preferences window. It also hides video window while playing audio files.

One of the most important feature of this player is playing movies with shaped and antialiased subtitles. Unique subtitle engine assures displaying highest quality subtitles. Imagine that while you're playing a movie displayed subtitles seems to be drowned in the video. But You can change font property (f.e. color, size, style) and position of displayed subtitles. If you change video proportion or size, subtitles are still the same.

Another important feature of this player is subtitle auto-align option. Subtitle engine calculates every subtitle height to ensure visibility of all lines. If it decides current line count is too small, it increments the line count. You never need to set subtitle line count option manually.

Koala Player XP has well done avi fix module. If you have corrupted avi file you are able to repair it. Besides this module checks and removes all freezed video frames. The percentage efficacy of the process is going up to 100%.

Release 2.6 ensures visibility duration of every subtitle for human reading ability. It also has Preferences window with many useful options for player behaviour.

Main Features

  • High quality subtitle engine
  • Lector module which reads subtitles (required speech engine compatible with SAPI4)
  • speech testing compatible with SAPI4
  • skipping control characters in subtitles, i.e. {y:i}
  • detecting all subtitle files in movie directory
  • automatic loading best possible subtitles stored in movie directory
  • quick switching between detected subtitles
  • Subtitle Autoalign, selected font charset saved
  • Subtitle intelligence engine (new)
  • Easy fast-use gui: control panel, preview window, context menu
  • Visible control panel on full screen mode
  • Skin support - with button selection
  • Editable skins with Stardock SkinStudio application
  • Multilanguage support
  • Resizable preview window
  • Fullscreen playing
  • Custom playback rates
  • Command line support
  • Pan-scan
  • Custom Screen Ratio and zoom
  • Full zoom
  • Bookmarks
  • S/PDIF output supported for AC3 files - with InterVideo Audio Decoder filter
  • AviFix module with anti-freeze option - for repairing corrupted avi files
  • Easy subtitle editor
  • Remote control support - WinLIRC
  • Filter in use list and filter property configuration
  • Playlist (2.5)
  • Support for 13 subtitle file formats (2.5)
  • Drag & Drop (2.5)
  • Option to Prevent Screen Saver and Power Managment
  • Playing video & audio files. Support for displaying lyrics (2.5)
  • Preferences window (new)
  • Network searching for newest versions (new)
  • Auto-hide video window for audio files option (new)
  • Minimize to tray option (new)

  • CPU min. 233MHz
  • min.16MB RAM
  • min. 2MB RAM on video card
  • sound card
  • Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista/Win7
  • DirectX 8 (recomended 8a)
  • video and audio codecs required by avi files
  • for speech - installed natural voice SAPI 4

Download full version
  • "Koala Player 3.5 XP Full"
    The newest version of of newest great player includes following features:
    - Full Free version without limits :-)
    - Support for Windows 7
    - New skins (17)
    - Lite player
    - Quick start
    - Full Screen mode by double mouse click
    - Support for many subtitles
    - Lector module which reads subtitles (required speech engine compatible with SAPI4);
    - speech testing compatible with SAPI4;
    - skipping control characters in subtitles, i.e. {y:i};
    - detecting all subtitle files in movie directory;
    - automatic loading best possible subtitles stored in movie directory;
    - quick switching between detected subtitles;
    - new engine for transparent subtitles;
    - new installer.

    Download Koala Player 3.5 XP 2,4MB (28.03.2012)

Download demo version
  • "Koala Player 2.6 XP Demo"
    Main features of newest our player:
    - new subtitle intelligence engine;
    - preferences window (CTRL+P);
    - network searching for newest versions;
    - auto-hide video window for audio files option;
    - minimize to tray option;
    - optional redirection AC3 stream to WaveOut output;
    - optional file assignments;
    - support for "Morgan Stream Switcher" filter;
    - optional connecting to WinLIRC;
    - optional configuration of subtitle intelligence engine;
    - selection of subtitle type (transparent or flat - min. CPU);
    - selection subtitle font border (none, normal, thick).

    Download Koala Player 2.6 XP ~1,8MB (25.06.2002)

  • "Koala Film Player 2.5 Demo"
    Main features:
    - new base skin;
    - added playlist;
    - support 13 subtitle file formats (ext: sub, srt, ssa, txt, dks, mpl, mpl2);
    - support more then 10 language;
    - support for Windows XP OS;
    - skins engine updates;
    - support audio and video files (mp3, ac3, wmv, avi etc.);
    - Win2000 & WinXP loading subtitles bug fixed;
    - drag & drop;
    - "Filter in use" list updated;
    - support for DivX 4.12;
    - support for 16 languages.

    Download Koala Film Player 2.5 ~1,6MB (16.01.2002)
    Download Koala Film Player 2.5b ~1,6MB (28.03.2002)

  • "Koala Film Player 2.0 Demo"
    Download KoalaFilmPlayer_20.zip ~700kB (15.09.2001)

  • "Koala Film Player 1.9 Demo"
    Recommended DirectX 8a.
    Download KoalaFilmPlayer_19.zip 471kB (17.05.2001)

  • "Odtwarzacz Filmów 1.8 Demo (Koala Film Player 1.8 Demo)"
    Download OdtwarzaczFilmow_18.zip 453kB (20.03.2001)

  • "Odtwarzacz Filmów 1.7 Demo (Koala Film Player 1.7 Demo)"
    Download OdtwarzaczFilmow_17.zip 440kB (09.03.2001)


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