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Here You can see Koala Film Player new skins.
To make sure that a skin loads properly You have to copy extracted skin files to Koala's subfolder named Skins\. After copying the files You should call Alt+S key shortcut. You will see available skin name list. You can press Edit button to edit selected skin.

Name Green
Author Rafał Pawełczyk
Download Green.zip

Name ikoala
Author Piotr "florian" Florek
Download iKoala.zip

Name Logika
Author Pixtudio
Comment the skin is an authorized port of the Logika 's graphics made by Pixtudio

Name WinampSmall Skin
WinampBig Skin
WinampTransparent Skin
Author Krzysztof Wojewódzki
Comment Three skins: small, big and transparent
Download WinampSkins.zip

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